Master Logger of the Year

Wade Norris Master Logger of the YearWade Norris was selected as the 2014 Tennessee Master Logger of the Year by the Tennessee Forestry Association in recognition of his commitment to sound, safe, and sustainable forestry and harvesting practices.

Wade Norris is the owner of Wade Norris Logging, LLC, which has been in business for twenty-two years; his enduring priority has been that of public safety and the safety of his employees, among whom there have been no severe accidents over the life of his company.

Wade Norris Logging, LLC maintains and utilizes state-of-the-art safety equipment on all of its harvest sites and is vigilant in conducting regular safety meetings for its employees; additionally, employees maintain current certifications in First Aid and CPR.

The company serves a customer base throughout West Tennessee, with hardwood timber as the majority of wood fiber harvested. The mainstay of its work is conservative, improvement-type timber harvesting, although its highly skilled employees and its modern, top-of-the-line equipment are more than able to handle large clear-cut regenerating harvesting, as well.

The satisfaction of his customers is of paramount importance to Mr. Norris, as he considers each to be a potential repeat customer and also a source of word-of-mouth advertising to reach others seeking professional logging services.

Equally important to Wade Norris and his company is the conservation and protection of the environment, which is necessarily altered by the company’s work. Wade Norris Logging, LLC adheres to a strict set of procedures to accomplish the proper closure of a harvest site and post-harvest clean up that are fully aimed at minimizing soil erosion and pollution of natural waterways.

Wade Norris is ever mindful of the importance of developing and maintaining sound professional relationships with Realtors, bankers, attorneys, equipment dealers, sawmills, and local politicians, aspiring to maximize environmental protections and industry growth.

Wade Norris is joined in the business by wife and co-owner Tammy Norris, who is vital to the company’s success and an integral part of the team, as are Mr. Norris’s father, uncle, and nephew.

His loyalty to his business and love of his profession are in keeping with the traits of a true Tennessean, and his reputation as an honest, learned, and respected businessman has been hard-earned and is greatly relished.

Wade Norris has demonstrated the utmost professionalism in his chosen field of industry; his abilities and integrity have been duly noted by his professional cohort, the Tennessee Forestry Association, of which he has been a member for most of his logging career, and it is fitting that the members of this General Assembly recognize him at this time.