Wade Norris Logging LLC in Southern Loggin’ Times Magazine

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March 2015
by Jay Donnell

Southern Loggin’ Times magazine Associate Editor Jay Donnell has the opportunity to visit Wade Norris Logging LLC in Jackson, Tennessee. For 22 years Wade Norris Logging LLC has been making a name for itself in west Tennessee because of its professional work and a core group of dedicated employees. Tennessee Forestry Assn. (TFA) recognized the company’s diligence and skills by naming Wade Norris the 2014 Tennessee Master Logger of the Year. Norris’s hands on approach correlates with his company’s continued growth and success. From the way he treats his employees to the way he treats his customers, Norris is everything you could want in a boss and a business partner. The company can harvest 60 loads a week on hilly terrain in the winter, but they produce up to 100 loads in the summer when they’re working on mostly flat land.